Niall James Horan (born September 13, 1993) is a member of the Irish and British boy band One Direction. He has been an avid Belieber since before his X Factor audition in 2010[1] and has since hung with his idol Justin on various occasions, the pair seem to be good friends.

Friendship with Niall

  • On November 28, 2010, Justin was on The X-Tra Factor, being interviewed by a woman about his fame, how he copes and his Beliebers, near the end of the interview, the interviewer pointed out Niall, Niall shyly said "Hi" with Justin replying "So hi, Niall how are you?".[2]
  • In April of 2012, Niall Horan tweeted that he was in the studio with Justin listening to his album Believe. Niall's
  • Fans speculated a collaboration between Justin and One Direction, however, there has been no word on a collaboration.
  • In September of 2012, Niall and Zayn spent a few days at Justin's house in Calabasas, they cooked noodles together and Zayn ended up injuring himself.


  • Some fans have pondered the idea that Justin Bieber and Niall Horan have a very similar body shape.